Sometimes life moves really fast. Who am I kidding? Life moves fast ALL the time. I live in southern California, so I know life moves faster than I can even keep up at times. If you are anything like me, you work, go to school, hang with friends and family, and still have to make time for that extra hobby or passion of yours. Things tend to get a little crazy that you forget to enjoy the moments. Especially with the new year, we set goals and even tend to look a little too far ahead that we don’t live in the moment. 
I set my goals for the year and I can tell you I am thinking far, far, far ahead. I graduate this year, so all I can think about is “where will I live?” “what will I do?” “how much money do I want to make from photography? “when do I have time to go to Italy?” The questions are endless. There is a lot to think about for the future, but there is also a lot to think about in the present. Just yesterday I was looking over my schedule for the semester, planning out my work schedule, shooting schedule and vacation time… It is already looking crazy packed, which is good for me because I love being busy and work well under pressure. I had to remind myself to slow down.
Sometimes we just need to take a step back. Setting goals and looking ahead is great, but do not forget to live in the moment. Slow down and enjoy where you are at. Some moments only happen once, so s l o w  d o w n and live in them.

Tattoo by James Armstrong

Tattoos are so sexy.

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